Selecting The Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Reduction

Two of the major factors of hair fall are an oily scalp and too much use of hair gel / hair wax. Using a gel or wax to groom your hair is always good; however, you must remember to wash it off before going off to sleep. Leaving such chemicals on will make your scalp itchy and unhealthy. An unhealthy scalp would mean that it is not strong enough to retain your hair, thereby resulting in hair fall. A good hair shampoo will moisturize your hair and make it less brittle. This reduces hair loss or breakage while combing your hair on a daily basis.

Major Causes Of Hair Fall

The ideal hair loss shampoo should be free of harsh chemicals and detergents. Shampoos containing alcohol are considered bad and make retention of hair a lot more difficult for your scalp. Another major reason that needs to be considered for hair fall is medication. People suffering from arthritis, cancer, heart problems, depression, and high blood pressure are more prone to hair fall. This is because of the medication consumed while treating these. Hair fall can also be caused due to many factors such as hair rebounding, ironing your hair, unhealthy diet, pollution, smoking, consuming alcohol, hair dyeing, hot oil hair treatments, and many more. You need to know the cause for your hair fall before relying on one particular shampoo for treatment.


The Best Shampoo

Most shampoos contain chemicals such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and Polyethylene Glycol. These chemicals cause a lot of harm to the hair and the scalp, thereby increasing the hair fall problem. Himalaya is a brand that uses natural essences and avoids chemicals. This is easily the best shampoo for hair loss reduction. The Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo uses a 2-in-1 formula that prevents hair fall and provides nourishment to the hair. The shampoo also conditions the scalp and improves the hair texture. All these factors go a long way in reducing hair fall and hair breakage. The Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo contains herbs such as Bhringaraja and Butea Frondosa. These herbs facilitate growth of the hair follicle and strengthen the hair roots. This helps in controlling and eventually eliminating hair fall.

Live Healthy

Having said all of the above, simply using a shampoo will not prevent hair fall completely. You need to nourish your body and your scalp well. You need to also increase your intake of water on a daily basis so that you scalp does not dry.


You also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet on a daily basis. Regular massages to your scalp with hot oil will also help in reducing the stress to the scalp. You can use oils like hibiscus oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. In addition to this, increase proteins in your diet and only use natural hair care products to groom your hair.

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Assorted Types of Microwave Hutches

The micro wave carts and hutches used in the kitchens are very useful and one of the most effective ways to use limited space of the kitchen. Unfortunately, not all visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing products available in the market are great for organizing products in the kitchen. Well! surprisingly, not every small kitchen is unparalleled to the spacious characteristics.

Even a kitchen of a smaller size can be have amazing design and fabulous space utilization. A microwave hutch is a customized kitchen furniture which can be efficiently utilized to use a fraction space of a smaller kitchen. The cart is used as a perfect substitute and enhancement to the kitchen stools and tables which have traditionally been used. Some of the assorted kinds of microwave carts available nowadays in the market are enlisted below:-

• Corner microwave hutch


These are the most conventional and simple microwave hutches used for a long time. They comprises of a decked structure with a choice of two to for cabins. The microwave is placed in the central or the topmost cabin, preferably. Where they ere used? They perfect for a smaller sized kitchen of less than 100 sq. ft., particularly in a small apartment. They can be placed along any corner of the kitchen.

The extra space can be used to place other smaller appliances like toaster or food processors. The material used to make these type of hutches is preferably, wood. The reason being it’s durability and lighter weight. The benefits of these microwave hutches is there small sizes making them printable and easier to maintain. However, there limited space and corner placing can be hindering sometimes.

• Drawer cubical microwave hutch


These are the modern type of microwave hutches which are used extensively all around the world. The design being architectural though simple and pleasing, comprises, the oven storage are at the middle or the top potions. The other part is complemented with drawers and cabins which can be used to store smaller and frequently used kitchen and household items. The cubical design of the hutch is convenient and the hutch can be placed and shifted all over the kitchen space as per the requirements.

These hutches are generally manufactured with wood as the base material with steel and other metals as enhancers. The metal amalgam gives pleasing appearance with extra stability. Though, the cubical design of the hutch limits the corner-placement.

• Island micro wave hutch


The ultra modern and advanced micro wave hutch- They can be easily installed under a countertop and load from the top. The layers and the designs are much more convenient than a side-swinging door. The appearance is also much cleaner than the older style microwave hutch designs. This design is effective for a kitchen of a larger area. The cleaner architecture makes it much easier to clean the hutch.

However, these hutches can be accompanied with materials of the choice. The framed glass drawers and panes, assorted wooden frames, steel frames, designer wooden carvings, utility boxes and drawers and much more- The microwave hutches and carts can be modified like any other furniture.

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Rebate Commission?

In this world of give and take, a world of pseudo barter system, no transaction, be it monetary or otherwise goes ahead without inner motive. Similarly, as proof for the above statement, there is now a new phase introduced to a monetary transaction wherein the broker pays the buyer of the commodity a commission, called a commission rebates. That is, the broker parts with a small part of his commission, obtained from the seller for the completion of the transaction, to the buyer. Gone are the days when all a seller had to do was look for a broker and the broker did all of the dirty work.


Now, by offering to pay the buyer a part of his commission, he no longer has to go a looking and also has a longer list of buyers to choose from. However, this in turn results in a not-so-fair mode of transaction since the broker is obviously going to go along with the buyer asking for the least commission and thus increase his own profit margin. It also is not ethical since the middleman is now being benefited from both parties, the seller has to part with a sum to the broker for getting a suitable seller and the buyer, though he gets a commission, will be paying extra to the seller so that the broker gets more commission from the seller which he will later part with to the buyer himself. On one hand it does make the process of commodity accumulation and money transaction easier, however, on the other hand, there is the case wherein the consumers can drive prices higher and increase competition in a market of high demand.

This will in turn become a money friendly market and not much of a user friendly market which in turn will result in demand supply imbalance. Already, the selling prices of commodities are up since the seller has to give away a part of it as commission and now it increases even more because of the commission rebates. This increase in selling price will create a ruckus among st consumers who have a tight range of monetary budget and will eventually end in a decline in demand for the same. To prevent all these, some countries have banned the practice of commission rebates and most of the countries have strict rules and regulations which need to be followed in case of a commission rebates, not following which will lead to serious legal actions.

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Therefore, it is wise to say that buying and selling of commodities is better done with no middle men and an open policy between buyers and sellers which will lead to a cleaner transaction and both seller and customer satisfaction sans both the need for commission and the commission rebates. This will also result in a stable market.

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