Selecting The Perfect Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

An engagement is a big occasion is everyone’s life. The excitement towards the marriage starts building up and preparations start with the engagement ceremony. Many people choose to have a low-key engagement ceremony, while there are others that celebrate this occasion as glamorously as the wedding. The most important ingredient of the engagement evening has to be the engagement ring. The classic way to go about it is selecting a perfect yellow gold engagement ring. There are many couple who choose to opt for modern metals like white gold or platinum, however going the traditional way is always the best.


The Perfect Ring

As is the case in wedding ceremonies, the girls ring is scrutinized more than the boys ring. This is justified because a boy can wear even the simplest of yellow gold engagement rings and still flaunt it proudly. For a girl to flaunt her ring, it has to be special. The engagement ring of a girl is much like a pizza. Everyone is interested in the toppings. While some girls prefer a simple yellow gold engagement ring and save the money for a glamorous wedding celebration, there are girls who want their engagement ring to be outstanding as well. There can never be a perfect ring for a girl. Each girl has a preference about the stones on it and by stones, we mean precious stones. Some girls love a single diamond or a solitaire while others prefer colored stones like rubies or emeralds.

Dress Right

One cannot wear a diamond studded yellow gold engagement ring and turn up for their engagement dressed in a simple outfit. The outfit should match the caliber of the engagement ring. Some families keep budgets in mind for engagement ceremonies. Most of the money from this budget is spent on the engagement ring and the clothes. Investing in a classy engagement ring is much like investing in gold. It will never be a waste of money and can be used all the time. Keeping this in mind, the outfit should be less expensive, however not bland.

Enjoy The Moment

An engagement ceremony is the meeting of two loved ones and making a promise to love each other forever. This ceremony is a prequel to the biggest vow two lovers make. The couple should enjoy the celebration. The perfect engagement ring goes a long way in making the evening perfect. Couples should however remember that spending lavishly on an engagement ring might not be worth it. The wise decision would be to get a decent looking engagement ring and save money for the future. This will hold in good stead while managing finances and would not burden the couple’s families as well.


Choosing to spend your life with someone you love is one of the best decisions in life. This decision needs to be accompanied with wise decisions regarding your partner’s choice and what they desire in life. A yellow gold engagement ring will go a long way in showing your partner that you care for them.

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In these fashion centric times, we can see a lot of fashion statements making waves in the market. Some in the form of clothes, some in the form of lifestyle and some in the form of hairstyle. Talking about hairstyle, we can see people embracing vintage hairstyles. As they say, your hairstyle can say a lot about you before you even begin to speak. Adorning a good hairstyle reflects your confidence and your lifestyle. One of such hairstyle is the pompadour hairstyle. It is a hairstyle which I named after madam Pompadour, who was the mistress of king Louis XV. Although this was the hairstyle of a woman, that consisted of hair swept sideways or in the middle, it is a huge hit with men all around the world. It is one of the most popular and sought after modern hairstyles. Pompadour comes with a number of variations for both men and women. The most remembered icon donning this hairdo is Elvis Presley, who made this hairstyle a real hoot among then teenagers. And here we are again, when pompadour is again in vogue.

The most amazing thing about this hairdo is that it can be donned by anyone, be it a teenager, college student or a businessman, this style is always on point. A typical pompadour is worn by short hair on the sides, and the rest of the chunk swept upwards or sideways. Although, type has made this style more versatile and flexible, wherein people are changing the hairstyle according to their personality,lifestyle and face cut.


The classic pompadour is more of a gentleman’s look rather than that of a rockstar, like Presley. It consists of side hair not chipped too short, and the rest of the chunk clipped upward but not higher than the crown of the head. The long hair on the side, reduces the dramatic effect of the haircut and gives you a subtle yet stylish look. The classic pompadour looks best with short stubble. This combination could be worn by all the professionals, making you look very much in style and not too bold. This hairstyle mostly suits people with long faces, which maintain balance between width and height.

Then, there’s the bold, angular pompadour. In this the side hair are cut extremely short, and the larger chunk is left in the centre which is swept upwards or sideways giving it a voluminous look. The angular version of this hairstyle is edgy, bold and cute. Not everyone can carry this hairstyle and it mostly suit people with round faces. WE can see a lot of celebrities like David Beckham, Justine bieber and Zac Efron rocking this hairstyle. The only drawback regarding this hairdo is that it is extremely high maintenance and the back and sides need to be trimmed regularly.

The demand of pompadour is so much that there are products solely dedicated to this hairstyle like mister pompadour wax, hair style kit and beeswax. For this hairstyle you’ll want a product with strong hold but also not with a lot of weight.

This hairstyle is ideal for short hairstyle and it is the most sought after short hair styles of the century. It is easiest to do with a comb and your fingers could work too for that matter. A hairdryer can also be used to give the hair a voluminous look.

To style pompadour, the most important thing is pomade. Most recommended pomade is clay definer by shu uemura. Clay definer has a strong hold nut also washes out easily where others take 2 or 3 washes.  Alternative to the clay is hairspray. To style the pompadour cut, you’ll need a wax or hairspray, a round brush and a hairdryer.

After drying your hair with a round brush in the direction you want it to be, put some clay on your fingers , spread is in your palms and run through your hair.  You should make sure that you don’t overdo the clay as it might give you a greasy look.

Next you should comb your hair with a round brush , and this might even tell you if you need more pomade on your hair. The hair should be combed in the middle to give body or volume to the hairstyle. They should be slicked back pretty hard from the back or the style to complete the full pompadour look.

As stated earlier, getting the pompadour haircut is only the first step of the process. The next step involves styling the hair on a daily basis, for which, you need the perfect hair products. Some of these include :

Imperial Pomade

This pomade has extra-ordinary lasting power. It can even handle thick, curly and long hair and it comes as a savior for people having curly hairs who still want to wear the pompadour style. This product does not like like clay, it is rather a gelly like , but it gets hard throughout the day, keeping the hair intact.  Unlike other hair products, this pomade smell sreally nice, and easily comes off after one wash.


Uppercut Deluxe-

This product has this amazing coconut and vanilla smell, which adds ten points to this product’s bucket. You can don number of looks with this product, be it businessman look or the mysterious gangster look. It keeps your hair in perfect shape even after you ride a motorcycle without helmet! And when it comes to getting off the hair, uppercut deluxe washes off easily after one wash.


As the name suggests, this pomade makes you look suave and sharp, and it is also pocket friendly. The cheaper price of this pomade, as compared to others, makes it a huge hit among men. The lower price of this pomade, does not at all compromise with its effectiveness. It gets the job done right and keeps your pompadour in shape all through the day. It also smells good, which is an added bonus. It has the scent of a very subtle manly cologne.

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