Apmed: Revolution In Bike Graphics

Do you own a bike and bored of its old look and graphics? Well, now you can give your bike a whole new look with bike graphics. Amped is a renowned name in sports like mountain biking, motocross, endure, trials, surfing, skating and many more.

UK based action sports brand, Amped creates lifestyle clothing, motocross graphics and riding gears for sports lovers and athletes. Amped provide its customers with products ranging from shelf kits to custom bike graphics.  Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Sherco, Enduro are some of the companies for which Amped provides motocross graphics.


For Honda, this bike graphics brand has products like Stripe Light Honda graphics and Stripe Honda Graphics for $120, Slice Honda Graphics, Custom Motocross Graphics and A1 Honda Backgrounds, Pace KTM graphics, A1 KTM backgrounds, Slice KTM graphics, andBilly Bolt BB57 KTM graphics for KTM motor bikes. For Kawasaki bikes, Amped has bike graphics like Stripe Kawasaki graphics, Bolt Kawasaki and FR Kawasaki graphics. Give your Yamaha bike a complete makeover with Amped’s Rush Red Yamaha graphics, Amped FR Retro Yamaha graphics and Rush Blue Yamaha graphics.

Amped is an authorized dealer of bike graphics for Husqvarna and has a wide range of motocross graphics ranging from Phase 1 Blue Husqvarna graphics, MK1 Husqvarna to Phase 1 Black Husqvarna graphics. This bike graphics brand also has a collection of bike accessories, backgrounds and RIM stickers for all types of motor bikes. All the products available in this brand are tried and tested by their experienced staff which includes enthusiastic athletes. Amped has won a number of awards at international level.


The prices for all the accessories, backgrounds and graphics are also quite reasonable starting from $25 for backgrounds and $140 for graphics.

You can browse all the pictures of the graphics on the official site of Amped and also place the order online.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look and give your favorite bike a complete new attractive and cool avatar.

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Cars And Their Details Which Are Under $1000

A budget of $1000 is one of the modest or may be sometimes the lowest chances of finding a car. There are very few of them in the market and the used ones get their numbers in the list which may need some mechanical work done to get the best out of the power of your horse. The list below gives you an idea of picking the right automobile or cars which are budgeted and limited to $1000. They are some of the best in the market and the list goes on like this:



There are different models of cars in which one of the type is sedan which has a stretched back and gives more capacity of storage at the back for the luggage. This car is a sedan type and manufactured in 1990’s, but you can observe that it can never be under-deemed with the newer generation automobile looks. Though it may lag because of the internal qualities and offerings but the style it has will prove that automobile style will never get old. From the manufacturer of ford motors, this was one of the top and premium cars at that time. But now, one can get these cars under $1,000 with automatic transmission.



This compact sedan is from general motors’ with four cylinders powering this horse. It is just a front wheel drive with automatic transmission. This is the last one from the brand and the stylish and cool looks it offers wouldn’t make your look of the automobile outdated. Its classic L shaped body will help you to gain a perfect classic look. For the specific year, the company claimed to have the car equipped with on-board diagnostics.

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