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The Operating System (OS) Android for mobile devices is the most widely used platform for mobile devices. What makes this OS very popular is the wide array of games and other applications that provide entertainment as well as information. For getting these applications on the device, packages called Android Application Package (APK) are required. One of the most popular APK downloaded worldwide is the Vidmate APK.1

About Vidmate APK

Vidmate APK allows the user to install an application by the name of Vidmate on the device. Vidmate is popular for its functionality to download videos from hundreds of websites that stream and share videos. Once downloaded, the user can view these videos anytime without an internet connection. The Vidmate APK is available free of cost and can either be downloaded directly on the mobile device or downloaded on a laptop or PC and then copied on to the smartphone or tablet running on Android

How Does Vidmate APK Work?

Installing Vidmate using the APK can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the APK: This is available free of cost. It can be downloaded directly on the mobile device or you can download on a laptop or computer and copy it on to your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Installation: Run the APK file on the mobile device and just follow the simple steps that appear on the screen.

That is it. It only takes a few minutes and provides endless entertainment.

By default, downloading and installing a new application from unknown sites or from computers is blocked for the safety and security of the device. Users can go the settings on the device and change the security settings.

Minimum Device Requirement

To download and install any application, the hardware and software requirements of that application have to be met by the device. Attempting to install an application incompatible with the device may result in the application not functioning properly and sometimes also cause damage to the device. The system requirements for Vidmate are:

  • OS – Android 2.3 or above.
  • File size is 5.02 MB – Your device should have enough free space to download this file.
  • You also need sufficient space on the device or an external SD card to run the software and store the videos that you download.

Although the default language is English, the support for this software is available in 14 languages.

Other Features of Vidmate

Vidmate allows you to view and download HD videos from many websites that stream and share videos. It helps also users to search for other applications and games on the Play Store. Downloading videos using Vidmate is easy and can be done with a single click. It does not impose any restrictions in terms of the number of videos that can be downloaded or the size of the video.

There are many other software and applications that are available, but, most of those applications do not have the same features and facilities. Moreover, Vidmate will also not ask you to install any other software to function properly.

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The Best Available Roblox Hacks Tool In The Market

Roblox, an online gaming site for children aged from 8-18. It is a multi-player game released on 2004. It was created by company named Roblox Corporation, a brainchild of David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The company is based in California, the United States of America. The game is compatible across all kinds of platforms – from Microsoft windows to android to iOS. It can be played in devices like android phones, iphone, ipad, ipod 5th generation touch, Macbook, laptops.  It is a sandbox game where players create a virtual world of various building blocks. They socialize and build each other’s blocks. There are 3 types of blocks which can be created, once you open account. They go by the name of Builders club, Turbo builders club and outrageous builders club. There are 2 kinds of currencies used in this game: robux and tickets. Robux is nothing but roblux points or coins. Robux is gained by selling good and items. It can also be purchased by real money as seen in other virtual games.


The tickets currency is of a different sort. It was included in the game in March, 2016 and the company plans on removing it after a trial of 30 days since its introduction. Tickets can be gained by daily log in or through sale of items or by visiting new places. Similar to other online gaming sites, this one too has special features for during festive seasons and holidays. Different themes and items for Christmas, thanksgiving or easter.

Roblux Hack Tool Program

All games have certain kinds of tricks and tips which enables us to overcome difficulties. Thereby hastening our progress to the next level. These are known as hack. If you are looking for Roblox hacks, there is a Roblux Hack Tool Program tailor-made for this purpose. This program is absolutely safe for the system. It gives unlimited access to robux currency and tickets currency at any time..

Features of this tool

Using this tool you can easily avoid a person by hiding behind the sofa and turning left of the couch when you are in XL-living space in hide & seek. This players enables to overcome 2 tycoon war as an administrator. You can do this by simply by jumping of a map, count very slowly and then select VIP teleport. After this, get into the invisible wall and earn the badge. Thus you can surpass 2 tycoon war. The latest addition in this roblox hacks program is the flying with blocks option. Enter a building in roblox, select the game you want to play and then press 1 to get your desired building tool. Put the lamp on the body and click the space key. Now, you have to delete all other blocks except the chosen and your job is done. You are flying with the desired block.


Other roblox hacks tool

Next is the Robux Generator which gives you unlimited robux. This is powerful roblux hack tool.

The best way to earn a robux is by trading tickets for robux. To avail this option you need to have at least 170robux that is 17 log in, then you can exchange your tickets to gain robux. There are cheat codes available to earn robux. Just explore the robux element, select the robux number and then add on as much robux you need. There is an online roblox hack 2016 program available which requires you to fill up a form by giving details like your roblox username, the no. of tickets and robux required and free upgradation.

Overall these are the best roblox hacks tools available in the market.

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Entertainment Made Better

Introduction To Movie Tube App 4.4

Movie tube is a beautiful app just like show box for iPhone where it claims to provide more than 20 thousand free movies. The best thing, you can find the latest movies and they are available free to watch in High Definition. Mostly you can find all sorts of genre movies! Hollywood movies will be top listed category by comparing with other sections.

Issues With App

Latest movie tube apk version is V4.4 which is available for free downloads. The real thing is, sometimes Movie tube app on Android mobiles might create server issues. So install Movie tube and Popcorn time app on your Smartphone. This might reduce the raising any sorts of issues.


Features Of Movie Tube App 4.4

This version brings better performance. We can also create playlists for your movie making it easier for you to be able to watch some movies on an ongoing basis. If you want to add a movie to your playlist, you need to connect with iCloud for iPhone users. For Android users, you can also enjoy MovieTube applications in different versions.

Special Features Of Movie Tube App

There are special features on Movie tube, it allows the users to rate the movies and comments about the movies too! It just likes reviewing the movies. And then users are allowed to download the movies for free and they can share it on popular social sites. The most important thing, it got the best user-friendly interface which makes to go ease with this excellent app.



The latest version of Movietube 4.4 got more impressions over the users and the developer is updating frequently with great features and latest movie collections. And here the user interface will be great and its so easy to find latest movies. We can watch newly released movie trailers along with details of that movie too. Movie tube is the best entertaining app for android.

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