Get Inside His Mind!

Most relationships are built on the foundations of understanding as well as the power of attraction. Who says there are no rules in relationships! There are actually an innumerable number of key rules, both spoken and unspoken, that must be adhered to if the relationship is going to last.

Ladies, have you ever found yourself asking questions like “how can I make him desire me more?”, “how can I tell what he is thinking?” or even “where do I stand with him?” These questions can be answered by ‘his secret obsessions’ by James Bauer.

What can you hope to find in this book? A goldmine!

  • Dating lessons from a renowned relationship adviser and an expert in couple’s counseling
  • Lots of tips on keeping a positive attitude and a great vibe in your relationship even in challenging times
  • Subtle ways to have very critical conversations without escalating into a misunderstanding
  • Balancing your romantic life with your pursuit of happiness
  • How to initiate healthy conversations that would empower your man and convince him to say more about his plans and what he hopes to achieve
  • How to decipher the twisted and unpredictable world of male emotions and to better understand why he doesn’t open up so easily
  • In depth understanding of how your man thinks and functions, his possible fears and what goes through him mind during certain conversations

  • The hallowed words and phrases that can either make or break your relationship with him
  • How to make your choice on the sort of guy you want to be with and steps to take in order to attract that guy.
  • Building emotional intelligence and establishing intimacy with your partner.

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