Make Your Trip Memorable With A Trip To Tioman Island

There are a number of beautiful places in Malaysia that you can explore and if you are planning an exotic vacation with your family then you should always plan on exploring some of the lesser known cities in the country instead of sticking to the basics where you will be surrounded by tourists all around you. There are a number of things you can do in order to make your trip exclusive and one that you and your family will always remember fondly. 

If you have children then taking a ferry ride is something that your children will enjoy doing and if you are planning on visiting Malaysia during your next vacation then you should plan to buy ferry ticket Mersing to Tioman. Mersing is not a very popular city in Malaysia but there are a few things that you can do here before you hop onto a ferry ride to the island of Tioman. While you can always choose to book your ferry tickets once you reach Mersing it is always advisable to book it online since it will help you to save on a lot of time and you can plan your trip to this beautiful island more efficiently.

Remember that the ferry ride from Mersing to Tioman is around two and a half hours and if you do not book your ticket in advance you might have stand during this ride which isn’t the best way to get to the island. Since there are not too many beautiful small cities in Malaysia the crowd to visit these places is increasing and if you do not book your tickets in advance you might end up standing in line for a really long time and this would mess up your entire itinerary for the day and you might not be able to explore the city as well as you would have planned to.

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