Massaging Postnatal Stress Away

All the pampering and attention given to you while you’re pregnant automatically shifts to your infant once you give birth. It is normal and a woman’s brain is engineered to make that switch after birth. While it is true that most massages cost more than what would be called average, the benefits are great for everybody especially in your postnatal period. The pregnancy and birth periods cause tremendous strain to the muscles in the body resulting in pain and discomfort. Post natal massage is a great way to alleviate the discomfort without using drugs.

What you stand to Gain

In addition to being completely worn out after labour, an infant demands your attention every second. Massage relieves the stress on your muscles, alleviates pain, helps you relax, consequently leading to better sleep. Some massage parlours use plant extracts to help you relax. The improved blood flow throughout the body also gives way to better lactating.

Using Oil for Massage

The most helpful oils for a post natal massage include almond, coconut, sesame and mustard. How soon you start an oil massage depends on whether you delivered the baby through natural or cesarean means. The latter requires a seven to fourteen day healing period while the former only requires a few days. It is important to consider allergies and the smell the oil gives off. Applying a little oil on a part of your skin will tell you how the rest of the skin will react should you use the oil. Taking a shower may not do away with the smell from the oil so choose a bearable fragrance.


It is tempting to do the massage yourself to save money and because you know where it hurts. The problem is you can’t reach all the parts of your body. Enlisting the services of a therapist is the wiser thing to do because it provides you with professional care.

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