Cremation and its upsides

More and more families are choosing cremation as the final sendoff method for their loved ones. The statistics are increasing staggeringly. So why might cremation be the best way to send off your departed loved one?

Upsides of cremation

  1. Affordable– Cremation cost is only a fraction of the cost of traditional burials. There is no need for purchase of a burial plot and costs like caskets are done away with.
  2. Convenient– very few people in today’s world have the time to sit and plan a burial service. Cremation saves the day by offering flexibility in their schedules. It doesn’t require intense planning and budgeting to carry out cremation. In some cases the body is cremated immediately after death.
  3. Ecologically friendly –Cremation does not take up more resources like land and so more property is available for the benefit of the living.
  4. Unrestricted relocation – People have ties to family burial plots and in away desire to stay near. This is a major inconvenience to a population that is looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Cremation is thus a practical way of sendoff without tying you to your family land.

What to look for in a cremation service provider

Best cremation service providers will save you further stress during your time of mourning. They will handle your loved one’s remains with care and enable you to give a smooth send off.

  • Proper handling of body – A good cremation service provider should have an embalming facility for use prior to cremation. Loved ones should be allowed to view the body or witness the cremation.
  • Proper handling of remains– Best cremation services will ensure you get your loved one’s ashes on time. They have flawless methods of tracking the body so that they don’t confuse your loved one’s ashes with another client’s
  • Fair pricing– They are a cut above the rest in offering professional and affordable services. They don’t charge preserving costs for direct cremation.


Cremation is certainly a way of simplifying a funeral process. However any funeral procedure should be done in respect of a loved one’s sendoff wishes.

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