Top Three Best Router for Gaming

For gamers, 2016 has a lot to offer in terms of quality routers. As a vital gaming element, a good router can determine your level of success. That is why every serious gamer is looking to buy the best router to enhance their overall experience. Here are three best routers for gaming categorized according to signal strengthen, range and cost. nighthawk-x8

Best router for gaming

  1. Netgear Nighthawk X8 AC5300- This mid-tier router though highly price offer the best signal strengthen when tested among other router games.
  2. Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Router– mid-tier router comes with an extremely customizable set of configuration options that allow you to prioritize streams on an app-by-app basis, ensuring that your game traffic gets the first priority. It is rated as the best router for long-range gaming.
  3. TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 Wireless Router- One of the cheapest router you can buy and is best if you don’t have a lot of obstacles between your game console and the router itself.

Before settling on any of the three-mentioned above router it is important to know what constitutes to a good gaming router. 33-320-244-z01

What to consider when choosing a router specifically for gaming purposes:

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports is a must. Such routers allow you to utilize the 1000mbps that come from wiring in your game console.
  • A router that has Quality of Service Settings (QOS). These routers distribute an enormous amount of bandwidth to gaming traffic over other network traffic types.
  • Go for a Dual-band Router. A must have if you are planning to play games via WI-FI. This router enables you to utilize the 5GHz bandwidth for gaming traffic and reserve the smaller bit for other devices connected to the network.
  • Transmission technology: Never settle for anything less than the 802.11ac transmission standard.
  • Most quality gaming routers cost a fortune though there are some that are reasonably priced.
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