The Value Of A Vin Number In A Vin Decoder

Regarded as the ultimate car fingerprint, a VIN number (vehicle identification number/ Chassis Number) is a unique code that is found in a vid decoder and used to identify the major details of a car. Each car usually has its own specific VIN meaning; no two cars can share the same identification number. The idea of VIN numbers began in the 1550’s and because of its value addition became a vehicle manufacturing requirement in 1981.

Where to Locate your VIN / Chassis Number

Within every car is a VINdecoder that can be located in three places

  • Just below the driver’s windshield
  • The firewall: the body part of the vehicle that separates the engine from the driver or passengers
  • Driver’s doorjamb: the upper part of the doorframe where the car door is hung.


Value of VIN Number

A VIN number usually has 17 characters that are significant in obtaining vital vehicle information that can help car customers make good purchasing decision:

Character 1: gives you background information on where your car was built

Character 2 and 3: represents the details of your vehicle manufacturer

Character 4-8:  has information on your vehicle type, brand and engine capacity

Character 9: is the security code for your vehicle.

Character 10: this is the number that you can use to gauge how old a vehicle is before buying


Character 11: can identify which company assembled your vehicle

Character 12-17: is the serial number of the vehicle and can be used to separate one vehicle from another.

Beside the aforementioned, a VIN number can provide added information depending on the scenario. For instance, in cases of fraud of theft of a vehicle, a VIN Number is used to identify the true owner of the vehicle.

Secondly, Instead of depending solemnly on information given by a car sales agent, most vehicle buyers are using the VIN number as they provide accurate information for car purchases.


A VIN number is a sure way of not only getting a detailed history report of your vehicle, but a security feature in case you lose your vehicle to robbers.

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