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Neopets is the ultimate game of virtual living with pets called as neopets. This game was developed by Adam Powell during 1999 with Donna Williams. It revolves around taking care of the virtual neopets and feeding them healthy meals. You can also buy accessories for these neopets and make them live in luxury by furnishing their surroundings. To buy these accessories, neopoints are the mode of virtual currency that is used in this game. You can earn neopoints by playing games at the neopets dailies and by winning freebies. At the dailies page, you will be given access to hundreds of games that you can play and win. premium-dailies

Merchandise Craze of Neopets

Neopets have become so popular that there have also been real-world merchandises for the Neopets fans. These merchandises include video games, cereals, books stickers and other such souvenirs that are sold online or at mainstream outlets. Almost all merchandises have a code that is associated with the game that they can use while playing the game. Licensing deals have been signed with a number of companies including Jakks Pacific, Thinkway Toys and Viacom Consumer Products. Due to its popularity, a bi-monthly magazine was also released till 2008. It was replaced by Beckett plushie Pals which also published a number of news on Neopets.

JumpStart Acquires Neopetsbank1

Sony computer entertainment two video games namely in the years 2005 and 2006. Despite talk of expanding Neopets to film, it did not materialise and there was no further talk regarding it. During the April of 2014, JumpStart acquired Neopets and by September, the migration of server began. Though Neopets has changed a number of hands, the consistent fan base and users remain. It continued to serve its purpose of providing its users with interesting and amusing adventures that kept them occupied online.

Neopets Dailies

Dailies is the page that you can play games in neopets and earn neopoints. You will also be able to get a number of codes and coupons that you can use at the game. When you play games, you will be awarded a certain amount of Neopoints that you can use to buy things at the shop. Neopets Dailies has a number of freebies that you can use when you play. You can visit the page daily and hence the name dailies. The games available at the dailies can be played for free or by paying some Neopoints.

Neopets has been in the market for more than a decade and as such, has a huge user-base. It targets children between the ages 14 and 18. It is said to be similar to Tamagotchi and Pokemon. The community boards are constantly monitored by professionals for its content. Neopets is said to have more girl users than boy users and according to Lucy Bradshaw, this is because it has a bigger appeal towards girls. Initially Neopets used immersive advertising which was later on switched to banner ads after it was bought by Viacom as it serves as an additional revenue source.

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