Is The Fear Of Having A Fatal Hickey Valid?

A hickey is a slight bruise that is cause by a sudden burst of the delicate veins under the skin. This happens due to heavy suction on the skin. It forms a slight discoloration that looks awkward to the person having it. It is more awkward when it occurs on the neck as it is an obvious bruise that can be seen by everyone. Hickey occurs due to sucking or biting. It usually occurs at points where the skin is delicate, such as the neck and the arm. How to get rid of hickeys?

Tips on How to get rid of Hickeys


Hickeys are slight discoloration that looks unpleasant to the eye. There are many home remedies to answer the question on how to get rid of hikeys. Starting with applying a cold pack with a cold spoon swathed in a cloth or with an ice cube covered by tissues and giving a cold compression to the bruised area so that the blood clot may improve, you can also try to give a warm compression to bruises that are two days old so that the blood flow will improve through dilation of blood vessels. Taking in vitamin K supplements internally or applying vitamin K lotions externally can also do the trick. Taking in orange juice to enrich the blood with vitamin C also helps to restore the blood clot to normalcy.


But the hickey generally lasts for 5 to 12 days and during these days it changes different colors. Starting from reddish bruises, they move on to different shades like blue and then to a greenish-yellow tinge and then they slowly disappear. But the best way to treat the hickey is to hide the area with clothes such as turtle necks and scarves for the neck and long sleeves on the arm. Concealing the area with power or other cosmetics can also do the trick as it is going to last only for a few days.

Can a Hickey become Fatal?


Hickeys are generally not fatal. Though there was a unique case of a teenager in the city of Mexico dying after a hickey was seen on his neck, after which he was reported to have got convulsions, it does not mean that such bruises will surely cause death. So you can rest assured on that account, as the death may have occurred by other causes. Doctors claim that there might have been an arterial clot that might have proved fatal. Though a hickey may not be fatal, there are chances of deep thrombosis occurring, though chances of this occurring are also remote. This might occurs due to deep thrombosis in the legs or torso.

Having a hickey is very embarrassing as you have to go around doing your work for at least two weeks. Explaining how you got it is another cumbersome question. Try to avoid all such embarrassing situations. That is the best way to avoid hickeys as it is better to prevent than to cure.

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