Knowing The Best RV Generator For The Money

RV or Recreational Vehicle is becoming more and more popular these days. Hence, it is no longer surprising why RV generators all become very in demand. There are actually a lot of RV generators available in the market, but not all of them are worthy for your trust and money. It will be a little challenge for you to find the best RV generator for the money. In order to help you find the finest RV generator available, here are some of most excellent RV generators that you can take into account:

Cummins OnanMicroquiet LP Generator


The Cummins OnanMicroquiet LP Generator is more than enough to give you a great camping experience with the use of your Recreation Vehicle (RV). It can run an air conditioner that has a power of 15,000 BTU. While this air conditioner is running, you can also be able to use some other appliances. Isn’t that very advantageous on your part? This just goes to show that this RV generator is worth investing.

Champion Power Equipment 46539

In case you want to have a portable RV generator, then choosing the Champion Power Equipment 46539 is the best thing that you can do. This is one of the best gas powered generators that you can ever have these days. This generator is powered with 4,000 watts and it has electric starting system and wireless remote control. When it is in full tank, you can expect that it will last for around 12 hours. Hence, if you will just be camping with your friends or family for a few hours, then the Champion Power Equipment 46539 is the best thing to do.


Generac 6000

Another best RV generator for the moneyis the Generac 6000. The best thing about this particular RV generator is the fact that it has its own tank holder. Even so, the tank should be purchased separately. The maximum weight of tank that it can accommodate is around 20 pounds. Generac 600 also comes with wheels, so you can easily bring it anywhere you want to. When it is in full tank status, you can make use of this particular RV generator for a maximum of 9 hours.

Sportsman Gen4000LP


One great thing about the Sportsman Gen4000LP is the fact that it comes with a fuel hose as well as a regulator that you only have to attach your propane tank on it. This RV generator is packed with so much amazing features that you will definitely love such as circuit protection, recoil start, automatic shut off, and auto-fuel shutoff safety valve. It has 4,000 watt power and it can last for a maximum time of 10 hours when it is in full tank status.

These are just some of the finest RV generators that you can take into account these days. All of them differ in a lot of things like when it comes to the price. Even so, it is rest assured that it will be all worth it once you buy any of these RV generators.

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