Breast Augmentation: A popular surgical method for reshaping your breasts

Every woman dreams of a body like a supermodel with perfect curves. Breasts are an important segment of a woman’s body and unfortunately most of the woman seems to have some issues with the shape and size of their breasts. The woman with large breasts might complain of back and shoulder pain or attract too much attention while those with small breasts might feel that they lack an appeal. Breast augmentation allows you to mould your breasts in terms of shape, size and texture to get a perfect look. bra-2-up-oblique-rgb

Breast augmentation has become a common surgery over the last few years with more than 5 million women undergoing this surgery in 2015. The figures are increasing every year which itself is a clear reflection of its popularity and safety. Once you have decided the type of breast implants that you want to go with the surgery and the desired shape of size of breasts, you are all set for the surgery. The cost of the surgery can vary from one part of the world to another. For example the cost of breast implants Sydney comes out to be around $6,000 while the same process can cost you more than $10,000 in United States. It includes fees for facility, anesthetic, actual breast implants and follow-up appointments.cruckes4

Every surgery has some or the other side effects but you need to pay attention to the chances of complications to decide if a surgery is safe or not. Capsular contracture is the most common complication that can occur due to breast augmentation surgery. It refers to a condition where a scar develops in the tissues surrounding the implant. The affected tissue usually gets harder with time and can result in physical distortion.

If you are not keen to go with breast implants Sydney, there are some alternatives like a fat transfer that you can consider. This alternative is safer that breast augmentation and does not result in any serious complications like capsular contracture. However, it does not offer the luxury to choose from a complete range of shape and size alterations for your breasts. It is best to discuss with your surgeon about the suitable options.

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