Infinite Warfare: Gameplay and Hacking

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the 13th instalment of the Call of Duty game, which is slated to be released on November of this year. The details for the new version of the game, however, has already been released and there are several aspects of the game which are most definitely looking forward to. The game is just so heavily-hyped, that as a matter of fact, hacking tools have already been made available online, with the site you can visit is established already for this particular purpose. What is with Infinite Warfare and why is it worth looking forward to? call-of-duty-infinite-warfare-2

Innovative Main Storyline

While the basics are still there, with Infinite Warfare being a first-person shooting game, it has a brand new setting, one which has never been used in earlier versions, or even in other first-person shooting games. The missions now take place no longer in places modelled after familiar towns, cities, or warzones here on earth, but rather, it now takes place in outer space, such as neighbouring planets, their moons, and asteroids as well. To make this experience one which is more realistic, there are environments which have zero-gravity. A boost pack, and grappling hook however, are provided to the players are well so that they could move around these environments.codiq-1

As a player, you’ll be in the character of a Special Operations pilot, Capt. Nick Reyes, and users shall be engaging themselves in aerial battles with the Jackal. Aerial battles would not be on-rail, and therefore, there would be little to no restrictions when it comes to playing the controlling the Jackal. Other features and gadgets include a wrist computer, which enables enemy tracking, and several other customization and cosmetic items.

Multiplayer Aspect

Players now have a wider scope when it comes to the objectives of getting to play the game. There would be a class system overhaul, which is the Combat Rigs, with the total number of rigs now reaching six, specifically, Merc, Warfighter, Stryker, Synaptic, Phantom, and FTL. These rigs are designed to suit the preferences of different kinds of players, like for those who want to play under stealth mode, or through run and gun. Users could also enjoy the familiar game aspects for Call of Duty, such as sliding, jumping, wallrunning, which is made possible through a chain-based system of momentum and movement. Apart from all this, users can also avail of primary and secondary weapons, both the classical ammunitions and the futuristic ones. New Weapons also include robots of different kinds.

Having Zombies

There is a cooperative multiplayer Zombie mode, which has a separate set of stories and mechanics, and is one which could be used by new players. The essence of the game is one which is still present, including power-ups and perks. The normal system for movement, however, is used for the Zombie Multiplayer mode. Fate and Fortune Cards is also one of the new features. This also gives you a more familiar gaming feel, given that the old way of playing is enforced here.


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