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If you’re like most of us who play without purchasing anything with actual money, then you know how frustrating all the unattainable upgrades can be; you want to purchase it, you actually need to purchase it, you’d do anything to purchase it except paying. There are gift from other people on the internet where we can have these upgrades in a blink of an eye but not actually pay, we call them hacks, cheats and tools. In Movie Star Planet, the website actually provides some important hacks that we players all over the world can use.  i-dressup1

Safety of Movie Star Planet

Okay, so if you’re not the one playing Movie Start Planet then it’s bound to be a younger sibling, a niece or nephew or your child. Before you use all sorts of hack to enhance their gaming experience, how safe is the game itself? We want to put special emphasis on this since the majority of the users are minor aged; it is aimed for the younger crowd after all.from-the-game

Movie Star Planet has a relatively safe framework, the moderators tirelessly monitor the website and every user is encouraged to report any troublesome behavior that they encounter. These troublesome behaviors mostly consist of abusive and unsuitable content, inappropriate behavior and any offensive language used. According to their statistics, players are well behaved most of the time and are quite kind to one another.

As we said, the moderators regularly monitor the game activities, they are well trained on the field of internet safety, specifically for their target group; target groups is made up of kids ages 8 to 15. They literally work to keep the website safe every day even though there’s no real threat to the players; it’s better to prevent something from happening rather than invest time fixing it.logo

The website was mainly created for each and every gamer out there; the creators have been displeased with the gaming marketplace. There was a time when you only have to pay for the game when purchasing it, now you have to pay for all kinds of ‘special’ items, in-game money and even skills; players honestly pay thousands of dollars for a game that they love.

All of us know and understand that game developers and moderators need to make money. Creating and maintaining applications need tons of effort and time; not to mention the extra people they hire, they need to pay them too. But sometimes, it can be too much that it feels restricting when you play. So the moderators from designed an online hack to provide users a fair advantage when playing. After all, Movie Star Planet is as competitive as it is fun and you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to be on top. Don’t worry, none of the hacks will affect the game play of players around you, they just help present more opportunities for you; paying for opportunities that you can easily receive otherwise is kind of frustrating.

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