New Entrant: Whats App Plus

WhatsApp is has carved a niche for itself in the Android industry; it can fend for itself in this neck-to-neck competition amongst the Apps. It has made permanent place for itself in the hearts of the people as it has connected the yearning hearts at far off places. With more than one billion active users, it cannot boast off anything more; it is the number one choice of the people in regards with instant messaging service.  But the App does lack some important features like video calling service that are crucial for millions of users. Many of the developers have gone ahead and tried calibrating the status quo of WhatsApp for including the missed out features.

Such versions of WhatsApp called as WhatsApp modd, are not the official versions. The most popular unofficial version that led to a huge surge in its popularity is WhatsApp Plus and it has created a lot of controversy in the recent past.  A year ago when WhatsApp Plus was launched, it led to a great hue and cry as WhatsApp developers claimed that it had no nexus with WhatsApp Plus.


The users were under the wrong impression that WhatsApp Plus was the modern version of the traditional WhatsApp messaging service. This was seen as a kind of security and privacy threat by WhatsApp, which temporarily banned the users of third party client WhatsApp Plus together with WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus was wrongly being taken as the next version of WhatsApp.

The instant messaging service of WhatsApp had barred all those users who installed WhatsApp Plus on their smartphones of tablets from using WhatsApp together with Plus.  WhatsApp ban lasted for 24 hours on such users for violation of its terms of service, for using a third party client. WhatsApp Plus application was neither developed by WhatsApp nor was it authorised by it.  This commenced a war between the developers of WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp. But now the scenario is that the ban imposed on WhatsApp Plus has been revoked and WhatsApp Plus is now available to be downloaded for free with a few changes in it. Now the App can be installed easily and you will be able to make free voice calls, conceal the name and date while copying more than one message. Now you can also backup chats with the Google Drive and preview the media without the need of loading; a crazy bunch of new features will be at your disposal.


WhatsApp Plus v4.25 MOD APK can be installed once you uninstall the official version: WhatsApp. So have to make sure that you backup your chats and the broadcast lists before installing WhatsApp Plus.

. Using WhatsApp Plus one can send up to 30MB of media files at once, as opposed to the official WhatsApp limit of just 16MB. Therefore the images will keep their resolution. This application also allows you to customize the colors, background, etc by using the different themes available in the WhatsApp mod. The other features include hiding profile image, sending watch in the form of message and many others.

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