The Types Of Cscs Cards Available

It is important that when you set out to apply for a CSCS card, you are aware of the type of cards that are available and which one best suits you. As a CSCS card applicant, you need to, you have the qualifications and training needed for the particular card you are applying for. The cost of a CSCS card is 30 pounds and you can go and apply it directly from the organizations which offer card application services.

 Here are some of the CSCS Cards available

Laborer’s card

In order to apply for this card, you are supposed to have passed SCQF level 4 or QCF level one award in health and safety in the construction environment. Your local college can advise you on the assessment and training availability, the pricing and if there is funding for the same.


Apprentice Card

This is a card which is applied for by people who have been registered on a recognized apprenticeship framework. It is normally valid for four years  and after which, it cannot be renewed. You do not need to do a CITB health, Safety, and Environment tests when applying for this particular card if you have already met the Apprenticeship Managing Agency’s health and safety requirements.

Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager

It is a CSCS card which is available for managers and supervisors who have experience on their job with a minimum of one year experience and are not members of an approved professional body, have not achieved level 3,4, or 5 of the SVQ or NVQ construction course. It is normally valid for three years,non  renewable. Being on a temporal basis, one has to make sure that before it expires, you got a SVQ or NVQ certification.


Experienced Worker

It is available for workers who have the on the job experience of at least one year. It is normally valid for one-year non-renewable. It is on a temporal basis as one awaits a construction related QCF qualification. It is normally replaced by a construction related QCF qualification. It cannot be replaced by a provisional or laborer card.

Trainee Card

It is a CSCS card which is available for trainees who are registered for a qualification which will lead to a skilled CSCS card; the NVQ or SVQ.

The above are some of the CSCS cards which one needs to apply for depending on the circumstances.

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