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For all of you who don’t know what Luxtime is, Luxtime is basically a website featuring a trusted online shop. What makes this website different is that they sell luxury and designer bags. We know that you’re having your doubts, people are used to buying expensive items through malls and other retails. People normally want to check the items themselves and to be able to physically bring the said item home. Before you think about purchasing you Gucci bag, we suggest that you visit LuxTime. Yes, it’s an online shop, but a trusted one at that.

We strongly implore you to widen your horizons when it comes to shopping, online shopping is one way to greatly widen it. Imagine, you’ll be able to get your hands on items that are not available in your immediate area; you’ll be unique, fashionable and trendy all at the same time. Some people might not know it, but a designer handbag isn’t really bought so that you have something which others don’t, it’s more for the confidence boost that we receive. No matter how well put together a look is, if the the person wearing it isn’t confident then it was all for not.

Additional Information


In case you’re having second doubts with regards to purchasing DFO bags from LuxTime, the following information might sway you more towards the ‘yes’ rather than the ‘no.’

  • All the products that LuxTime has to offer were manufactured in Asia. LuxTime is one of many factory outlets. Take note that the said factory outlets in Asia are some of the longest in the manufacturing industry, so they’re sure that all products that come out are of top quality.
  • Some of you might be wondering why LuxTime only offers a fraction of the designer brands and styles out there, the reason is quite simple: they are a direct factory outlet and can only get hold of certain designer brands or products from select factories that can make the luxury products in the best quality available.
  • Regarding the materials used in manufacturing the luxury products, they mostly use genuine leather. Not just the bag itself, the strap and handles are also made of genuine leather. Keep in mind that the bags from the Louis Vuitton line consists of genuine oxidizing leather, so it will change into a honey colour with time.


  • So basically, how good are the products they offer? We can honestly say that they are authentic in quality. As we mentioned, the designer bags are made of genuine leather by expert workers with years of experience on workmanship. Also, the when new stocks are received they pass through a series of tests; making sure that everything is correctly marked alongside labels and even embossment. They have top notch quality control, before they even begin to think of displaying the items online they make sure that everything is perfect. In the off chance that a bag with factory defects are received by a client, they provide fee returns or repairs.

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