Is Soccer Too Inflated?

Soccer has become such a widely followed sport nowadays. Everybody in the world no matter in which part of the world they are from, they have a favourite soccer club. It may be Real Madrid or Barcelona or Manchester United or any other club, but the point is that the fans around the world follow them religiously. These clubs have become brands and their players have become icons. There is nobody in the world that doesn’t know about Ronaldo or Messi, they are like role models to us. They both are also the most endorsed people on earth and they have created a huge brand for themselves. There is so much money going into football, and there are so many online websites like fun88 where you can bet on matches and players who will score and various others stuffs but is this making the market of football too inflated?57d80560ab3d229795a9df3719675012

Tickets prices for matches have rises so much in the last decade that you can’t go for a match unless you make a hole in your pocket. A ticket to a match in the stadium of a major club in London costs about 70 pounds, which is a lot of money for a match.  And that is not even a good seat and in fact it is one of the cheapest tickets of the stadium. There were thousands of Arsenal fans protesting last season that even a member of the Arsenal’s fan society had to pay 90 pounds for a ticket to a Champions League game against Barcelona. That is a lot of money for a two hour game, don’t you think? This inflation has caused not just Arsenal fans but many club supporters to get angry and cause riots exclaiming their unhappiness at the ticket prices.70bf009e45e63ddf341b964d469a538e

Now another cause of inflation are the transfer fees paid nowadays for certain players and their weekly wages, trips to the moon don’t cost as much as football transfers do. The first big transfer that we saw Cristiano Ronaldo, when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid about 6 to 7 years ago for a fee of $80 million and then came Gareth Bale when  he moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid for $100 miilion. Both these players have been great for club and country but do they really deserve such a high price tag? Where is such inflation in price suddenly coming from? Where will this lead to. Well it will lead to further inflation as we can see that Pogba just moved from Juventus to Manchester United for $110 million, out of which around $25 million went to his agent. For what? What has his agent done? Leave Pogba who is a bright prospect and is still very young and has a lot more in him but what about Higuain? Higuain had one good season with Napoli, just one and Juventus paid $79 million for his services. It is completely unnecessary don’t you think? Higuain is not completey fit and may not even have 4 years in him, is completely fine paying such a monumental sum for him? What is going to happen after somedays? We are going to transfer deals worth $150 million for a proven star in six years time undoubtedly but why is there such an inflation in the market and why is the world pouring so much money into a sport when there obviously other causes that they can pay for like coming up with the vaccine of some serious disease like ebola or paying $100 million to set up renewable energy resources. Are we so selfish that we only care about the moment and don’t care about the world that we are living in or the people who will have endure this earth in the future?

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