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The Operating System (OS) Android for mobile devices is the most widely used platform for mobile devices. What makes this OS very popular is the wide array of games and other applications that provide entertainment as well as information. For getting these applications on the device, packages called Android Application Package (APK) are required. One of the most popular APK downloaded worldwide is the Vidmate APK.1

About Vidmate APK

Vidmate APK allows the user to install an application by the name of Vidmate on the device. Vidmate is popular for its functionality to download videos from hundreds of websites that stream and share videos. Once downloaded, the user can view these videos anytime without an internet connection. The Vidmate APK is available free of cost and can either be downloaded directly on the mobile device or downloaded on a laptop or PC and then copied on to the smartphone or tablet running on Android

How Does Vidmate APK Work?

Installing Vidmate using the APK can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the APK: This is available free of cost. It can be downloaded directly on the mobile device or you can download on a laptop or computer and copy it on to your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Installation: Run the APK file on the mobile device and just follow the simple steps that appear on the screen.

That is it. It only takes a few minutes and provides endless entertainment.

By default, downloading and installing a new application from unknown sites or from computers is blocked for the safety and security of the device. Users can go the settings on the device and change the security settings.

Minimum Device Requirement

To download and install any application, the hardware and software requirements of that application have to be met by the device. Attempting to install an application incompatible with the device may result in the application not functioning properly and sometimes also cause damage to the device. The system requirements for Vidmate are:

  • OS – Android 2.3 or above.
  • File size is 5.02 MB – Your device should have enough free space to download this file.
  • You also need sufficient space on the device or an external SD card to run the software and store the videos that you download.

Although the default language is English, the support for this software is available in 14 languages.

Other Features of Vidmate

Vidmate allows you to view and download HD videos from many websites that stream and share videos. It helps also users to search for other applications and games on the Play Store. Downloading videos using Vidmate is easy and can be done with a single click. It does not impose any restrictions in terms of the number of videos that can be downloaded or the size of the video.

There are many other software and applications that are available, but, most of those applications do not have the same features and facilities. Moreover, Vidmate will also not ask you to install any other software to function properly.

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