Simple Dining Room Hacks And Ideas

Did you ever find yourself wishing for some appeal or a makeover for your seemingly mundane house? After all change is good right? And what better way to do so than personalizing your dining room? There is no need to shell out your hard-earned bucks for an interior designer, just have a gander at the following few dining room ideas:

  1. A fresh breathe of life:pictures-of-dining-room-design-ideas-01

What could be a better way to start your day than drinking your coffee and enjoying the much needed solace with springy indoor plants to give you company with their beauty? Bring out the nature lover in you.

2.Add eye-pleasing glassware:

A sudden burst of deep color here and there will light up your room. Tip: choose colors that strikes balance with your room theme.


Ideally, turquoise and purple hued glassware with soft white themed dining room creates eye-popping symmetry. No there’s no need to buy ’em, just dust off your mason jars and other bits of glassware and unleash the inner painter in you. Tip: a purple or turquoise mermaid would surely spice up the dining experience and a fun fact-this activity is not restricted to only dining rooms.

  1. Colorful chairs:

Well, if you don’t have glassware don’t fret, paint the chairs instead. With a touch of personalized creativity, no one in the world can beat your unique chair set.

4.Date night:

Many of us are envious about the fine princess dining with the kings in dimly light rooms with flowers strewn all over the floor. Well, bring out your inner Disney princess by investing in a glass bowl containing a fragrant candle surrounded by heaps of fresh flowers or rose petals and placing it in the middle of the table. For a Cinderella-esque feel, dust off your grandma’s candle-holders and place them in the corners of the room.

  1. Recycled into chandelier:

Now this is sure to impress your date. For a more romantic feel, take empty wine or liquor bottles and simply put in some fairy lights. This is an amazing twist to the ‘candle-light’ dinner.

  1. Wooden Bench:

If your dining room is wood-themed then this is perfect for you. Adding a wooden bench or a backless wooden settee will instantly uplift the look and give an elegant touch. Throw in a dark grey or blue rug for an enchanting mountain-cabin feel.

  1. The Tile effect:

This is an amazing hack. Replace the floor tiles directly beneath and around the dining table. Adding mismatched and bold colored tiles is sure to add some zing.

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