SEO Agency Vs In-House Team Vs Freelancer: Which One’s Better?

When it comes to building your business, online is the way to go. With the increasing number of consumers now using the internet to purchase goods or hire services, it’s best to increase your company’s traffic and profitability by selling your products and services online for the whole world to view. Your audience is unlimited; From people all the way in Asia to those right by your block, you will be able to garner traffic into your website and business, creating more relationships, profit, and business along the way.

Of course, with the increasing number of consumers will come more competition. That is why it’s important for businesses to always stay at the top of their game. Many use marketing strategies such as posting popular items in famous social media networking websites, or to post online advertisements using famous bloggers as sponsors to gain attention. While those are great marketing strategies, businesses also take advantages of SEO, where you take advantage of the famous search engines to be top ranked and searched for, creating more traffic and viewers.

You will be able to find an effective Toronto SEO agency for your business, or you can choose to get an in-house SEO team, or a freelancer. But the question is: Which one is better? While it all depends on what you and your business needs, you will have to do a bit of research. Here, we list down the pros and cons of each type of SEO team.

SEO Agency Pros

  1. It is a more cost-effective way to get marketing strategies using SEO
  2. You will have a team of professionals working to boost your business

SEO Agency Cons

  1. You will be working with an agency that is most likely doing similar services with competition, so you are not the entire focus of the seo agencyyou choose to hire.

In-house SEO Team Pros

  1. You will have your own team of SEO workers working real time, so if ever something happens to your website, it will immediately be focused on and fixed by professionals.
  2. They will help you go through other ventures if you choose to expand or create a new business

In-house SEO Team Cons

  1. They can be a bit more expensive as they will be working solely with your business


SEO Freelancer Pros

  1. Best if you don’t want an agency but still want someone to focus solely on your business without the expensive costs.
  2. They will be focusing solely on your project, as they only get a certain number of contractors. They are easy to communicate with.

SEO Freelancer Cons

  1. It is a one man band, so you may have trouble getting one freelancer doing everything you need for your business

If you’re looking for a Toronto SEO agency, an in-house team, or a freelancer, it only takes a quick Google search for you to see reputable results. Make sure you do your research before choosing one to hire.

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