A Look At Photo-Viewing In The Pre-Smartphone Era

The advancement in technology has seen various changes that have changed our lifestyle that we often fail to notice. Once we stop for a moment and look back we would realize that not so long ago, life used to be much more different than it is now, and perhaps simpler as well. There used to be a certain charm attached to certain things, that we don’t get to do today anymore. The telephone, those big computers, postcards and letters everything has been replaced by the smartphones, tablets and laptops. Even the phones have replaced DLSRs to a certain extent with the vast array of possibilities that the in-phone camera has to offer. Similarly, it has affected the way we store and view our photos too. Can we recall the last time we took out those dusty old photo albums from the shelf and had a look at those good old days and the simpler times? Perhaps not. Because from the photos of last year’s back-packing trip to to last night’s birthday bash, we have all the photos on our phones that we perhaps never think of getting an alternative device to store our memoirs.


But more often than not, there is always one or maybe more persons in our social circle who are not as technologically advanced. Perhaps someone who still like to do things the old way.  These are the people who have nothing to do with the computer, let alone the internet. A digital photo frame also knows as the digital photo frame is one of the great options for the computer-less.

This device is about the same size as that of a conventional photo frame with the only exception being that the space which used to hold the photo is replaced by a LCD screen. They may vary in size though, from a normal tablet-like size to that of a large wall mounted one. These devices have the ability to display pictures in a slideshow manner so one can put in the memory card, sit back and go through those photos as it goes through the pictures. The photo frame may also be able to send the photos to the printed for printing, via Bluetooth. Some of the frames may have an internal storage as well so one can transfer the photos from the card to the internal memory.

Certain advanced versions of the digital photo frame may also provide additional application support such as loading images from various social photo-sharing websites such as Flickr or Picasa. Built-in speakers are available on the digital photo frames giving the user the additional option of video playback too.


They are available in electronic stores or a number of online shopping sites too. So if one wants to go and have a look and get a feel of the device first then he/she might decide to buy it from the store or otherwise it is actually available on the e-commerce sites for a lot cheaper as there is always some discount offer or the other going on. Depending on the size or utility of the digital photo frame, the price may vary from $30-$40 to as high as $170. Its always advisable to check the price of these products and compare them on various websites before buying but usually Ebay and Amazon provides the best deals.

So if one is looking for a device specifically meant for the photo-viewing purpose, or can’t decide what gift to buy for a person who is not that much into computers and stuff then getting the digital photo frame could definitely be an option.

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