EURO 2016 Soccer Predictions – Who Will Win And Who Will Lose?

The race to crown just got interesting. There are clearly no favorites to win this tournament from the results so far we had. As the EURO games are heading to the second round of group fixtures, we take on predictions on every game in this half.  We are providing you the EURO prediksi bola for the next five matches in this article.

Belgium vs the Republic of Ireland:

Though everyone had an eye on Belgium to win the tournament, I don’t see any chance of happening this. There may be players in this team who are capable of doing magic on the field. But their main problem is they aren’t playing as a team. Individuals may win you games but can’t fetch you trophies. When they played their last game with Italy they played well. They were unlucky for being goalless on that day. Belgium needs to win these three points today if they want to stay in this tournament alive. A win in today’s game, and the hopes on this tournament will get back on them.

On the other hand, Ireland is showing some good spirit against the odds. They did well to stop Sweden scoring a goal but couldn’t win the game.  Probably with the team spirit they had, they need a bit of luck to win this game. Their defense was rock solid in the last two games. If their strikers hit the fires today, they can wrap up this game very easily though we can’t completely rule off Belgium here.  With both sides being unpredictable in the last two games we can’t easily take a side here. Anything can happen on the pitch today. More than the strikers, we can hope for the midfielders to make the difference today in this game for both sides. Don’t be surprised if this game ends up in sharing one point each for both.

Prediction : Draw


Iceland vs Hungary:

Iceland were all over there on the social media when they shared points with Portugal. Iceland being the smallest populated country to take part in this season surprised everyone with the result. And Ronaldo’s remarks against them, which were termed as “small mentality”, made the headlines all over the world. That gave them the attention they needed for the game they played. Though they did an equalizer against Portugal their goal keeper Thor Halldorsson was the one to be appreciated the most for the result.  He literally fetched one point for them singlehandedly by being brilliant at the nets. He saved 7 On-target shots; the most by any goalkeeper after Joe Hart did against Italy in 2012.  Apart from their Goal keeper, there didn’t do anything brilliant on the pitch to share points with Portugal. Their players need to play with more intensity or they will be disappointed as the team they were facing have much more quality players than them and they can outclass them at any moment.

On the day when Iceland bravely stopped Portugal, Hungary did the same heroics against the much superior side Austria. Winning 2-0 against them raised everyone eyebrows. Though they were benefited from Aleksandar Dragovic’s sending off, that doesn’t take the credits off them as they were already 1-0 up when it happened. Their Man of the Match Zolten Gera was extraordinary on the pitch despite being aged 37 who made key passes and three important interceptions. Their goal keeper Gabor Kiraly who can’t be ruled out should be given a part of the team’s success as he saved a deflected ball in a convincing way. By the odds Iceland are clear favorites here. Well, their last game against Portugal was a rare one and we can’t expect that to happen again. Hungary did well as a team being dominant in the second half against Austria. So I’m backing Austria to win this game and grab those three points.

Prediction: Hungary win.

Portugal vs Austria

With 24 shots and only converting one out of them is a worrying thing. Though Portugal had possession for the most of the game, their finishing was awful in the last game against minnows Iceland. Well, the good thing is they had the possession most of the time and better ball control than Iceland. Nani did well by scoring the only goal that Portugal had against Iceland. The only worrying thing for them is Cristiano Ronaldo. He failed to convert plenty of shots into the nets in his last game. Ronaldo needs to work on this to take his team forward in this competition. Moutinho will be benched in this game as he looked out of form in the last game. Renato Sanches is most likely to play this game as he played very well coming on as a substitute.


In the last game which they played against Hungary, they were defeated by them by a 2-0 margin. Being the important player on the pitch Aleksandar Dragovic’s sent off made the difference for them. And adding tot that Zlatko Januzovic seems to be injured in the last game. With the top scorer being injured and less likely to play this game, the odds were against Austria.  The only hope for them is David Alaba. Give him the freedom to move and more likely is that he will score a goal. With the pundits backing Portugal wrapping up this game, I can see no surprise here. They are clear favorites here. With Ronaldo not scoring against Iceland, you can’t expect him to be goalless in another game too. He will be looking forward to giving his everything on today’s pitch.  Nani will be an additional benefit for Portugal. For Austria, everything depends on Alaba.

Prediction: Portugal win.

Switzerland vs France

France had won their first two games against Romania and Albania. Though they grabbed six points from those two games, the way they played is not convincing. It was not up to the mark.  Except Kante and Payet none of them gave their everything on the pitch. With so many stars in the lineup, we would expect a lot better play from them rather than this. Pogba and Griezmann, both under-performed in the two matches. That’s a worrying thing for France. On the brighter side they got six points in their pocket and even if this game goes draw, they will comfortably sit on the top spot in their table. Oliver and Kante being carded till now, they are most likely to be rested in this game.

On the other hand, Switzerland needs to win this game in order to sit on the top position in their group. Either way, a point from this game will make them sit in the second position. The advantage for Switzerland here is France will not be in their best squad in this game and they can make good use of it.  A win here makes Switzerland sit on the top and a draw shifts them to the second position. With the quality of players France have and the better play style, they are favorites to win this game. Expect France to play a lot more better than the first two games and secure the three points.

Prediction : France win.

Romania vs Albania

Albania was unlucky to find themselves at the bottom of the table despite playing in a heroic way. They lost to Switzerland for 1-0. They played very well in this game and at least deserves a point there for the performance they displayed. Though being narrowed down to 10 men they gave their everything to grab points but were unfortunate for the day. On the other day, they lost to the quality side France 2-0 conceding both goals late in the game. A better defense for few more minutes, they could have ended with a point here and they were unfortunate here too. Being the table lost they will be looking forward to winning this game as the three points are must need for them to keep them alive in the tournament.


On the other hand, Romania is a quality side as Albania. As Albania was unfortunate against France , Romania was unlucky too against Switzerland. With only one point in the tournament, this game is a must win for them. The finishing of Romania had been poor till now and they need to sort it out if they want to win this game. They did everything to snatch the three points from the last game against Switzerland but their finishing restricted them with one point in their hand.  They need to do well in the final third of the game if they want to win games. They are weak in that and had to correct themselves before this game.

Though the odds are favoring Romania, the value will be with Albania who can outclass Romania in this game. Betting  your money on Albania who nearly won the game with Switzerland will get you good returns. Backing Albania to win this game would be a better option.

Prediction: Albania win.

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