Best Undercounter Ice Maker For Your Needs.

As a part of buying the undercounter ice maker, you need to realize your requirement the best. That means one should not pick the choice of buying the more capacity ice maker when they are in need of only less capacity. So, such a question should be in your list of buying undercounter ice maker. Every product or machine has its own features, capacity etc. but one needs to know about the requirement for the particular work. You need to frame the answer to this question as a part of your buying guide. Picking the wrong product or machine will cost your penny. Here are some useful points and classification of undercounter ice makers;



To setup an ice maker in a cafeteria, the owner should think of the capacity of ice maker and pick the right one. So, for the environment, he/she should think of the machine which produce 1 pound of ice per person. Look for a sturdy machine that is available is the best advice for this type of environment.


The owner needs to calculate the intake of ice so that it can help in picking the right ice maker. Considering the intake of ice by customers in their drinks and not to forget about the consumption of the staff so as to prepare the food. The intake per meal can be 1.5 pounds.



This is one industry which needs ice in huge quantity. When you calculate the estimation in the industry, patient needs 7 pounds of ice while the employee needs 2 pounds. This proves the sector which is more in need of ice is health care.


Compared to the restaurant, the requirement of the lodging will be equal to that of restaurant and quite heavy when the tourist season occurs. It requires 3 pounds per person and the seasonal effect can increase the consumption.

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