Forskolin – A Herb With Many Benefits

Forskolin is a natural supplement that has become popular in the last few years. It is herb that is produced by a plant named Indian Coleus or simply Coleus forskohlii. The plant is mostly found in Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka.  It’s chemical formula is C22H34O7 . It is soluble in some of the organic solvents like ethanol, DMSO and chloroform.


Forskolin is used to lose weight and treat asthma, to increase the bone mass, treat cancers and fight certain allergies. It is a natural supplement that also helps to reduce the side effect of heart diseases and is used to treat other ailments too. It has been used since 1970’s by many of the health professionals to cure ailments as it possess a huge number of health benefits. It also has a positive effect on muscles and blood pressure.

It is basically used to activate an enzyme called as adenylyl cyclase that increases the intra cellular activity by activating cAMP, a cell regulating substance. The activation of cAMP helps the body to get rid of fatty acids by burning them off and transforming into energy through metabolic processes.

Other than helpful in curing fat issues this herb can help to cure other ailments like eczema and glaucoma (a disease that causes vision loss). It also helps to improve the cardiovascular health by increasing the  force of the heart muscles and by relaxing the smooth muscles that are surrounding the arteries. It also helps in lowering skin tanning by providing the skin with protection against the harmful UV rays.


Since the product has been marked safe, in some cases its consumption has resulted in lowering blood pressure. So to avoid the side effects a proper consultation is necessary before use. The medicine should be consumed as per the instructions mentioned on the label. As we know that consumption of medicines alone can’t decrease the amount of fat in the body so, combining it’s consumption along with daily exercise can provide better results.

As the term “fake” is very well known, one should buy such medicines from trusted sites only and should not be confused by the label that has been put on the bottle.

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