Balance Transfer Credit Card

The idea of mobile phones was to call anyone and receive calls in the first place. People at the past would never believe the things which we can do by using our mobiles. Mobiles have turned into smartphones and they are offering smart choices for us to make. Many people are losing so many days just delaying in making payments which they could do in a few seconds with the upcoming technology of internet banking. Lots of improvements have been taken place and people have more concerns over these portable cash. ATM cards, fund transfers are the great ways of making this happen without having to keep a lot of cash in your pocket. We’ve prepared a guide for you to pay bills just by using your mobiles or smartphones just using your fingertips.


Balance Transfer Credit Card using Internet Banking

Balance Transfer Credit Card using Internet Banking is not a new concept and this is very exhilarating for the people who do telegraphic transfer which takes up to 3 days in order to process. With a view to bypass the process and work without facing any hassles, consider internet banking as your first choice. But, you’ve to maintain some procedures before you proceed to making your way into internet banking. Almost all of the top banks have this option to make your life better.

  1. First, you’ve to apply for internet banking account activation.
  2. After activation, you’ll get a security device in which you will find your security passcodes in each of the time you made any changes in your account. So, security device is really important.

Balance Transfer Credit Card Via Mobile

  1. When you get your internet banking and ATM card ready, you can pay anywhere just using your mobile’s internet connection. You’ll be carrying your wallet in your smartphone in a more secured way.
  2. Some of the Banks offers their banking service through their own-made apps. These apps will be accessible only by you and you can maintain it very subtly.
  3. You’ll be asked to provide the billing address and you can shop anywhere and pay the money anytime.


You might be wondering if these procedures are safe or not. If you can maintain the tips we are going to provide in the next section, you’ll never face any problems due to your security when it comes to paying via mobile.


Security Tips

  • Don’t keep any of your PIN, Pass codes in your mobiles.
  • In order to keep your account clean, always protect your smartphone against any viruses or malware. Use antivirus software to get protection against these.
  • Don’t go for any third party apps or websites when it comes to putting your password and username.
  • When you use your browser to navigate to your internet banking, always check whether you have a secured and encrypted connection or not.
  • But be sure not to pay more than your Bank’s offering as sometimes your bank might not let you pay more with your internet banking service. So, you should be careful about it too. If you pay attention to the security, paying via mobiles will be the most amazing thing.

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