The Best Car Wash Soap In 2016

For most car owners who care about their cars, washing their car on a weekly basis is like a ritual. Washing your car doesn’t just make your car look good and new, it also helps to extend the life of your car and ensure the paint stays intact. There are a few things that every car owner needs to understand before investing in a car was soap. Using bad quality soap can damage the paint on your car and leave it looking dull. Here are a few of the best car wash soap options that you can choose from.

Meguiars G7164 Class Shampoo Conditioner

Meguiars is a great pick because this formula not only cleans your car but it also conditions the paint on your car leaving it shiny and glossy. One of the main reasons Meguiars is the best car wash soap available in the market today is because it will not take off the wax layer that is protecting the paint on your car, but it will still manage to take off all the dirt and dust for a clean and shiny car. This is a great option for all those car owners who want their car to look professionally washed without having to spend too much.


The Meguiar soap bottle is a large bottle that comes in a 64 ounce quantity. All you need is one cap full which equals one ounce. This means the soap will last you more than a year and you can wash your car on your own by still getting the professional shine and gloss you get when you take your car for a professional wash.

Griots Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Review

Griots Garage is another amazing pick if you’re looking for the best car wash soap to clean your car. This soap manages to maintain the pH balance perfectly so it cleans the surface of your car without damaging the paint or making it look dull. This product is an eco friendly product which has bio degradable substances that are safe for the environment. This is a thick formula so you don’t need to use too much of the product and one can will last you a long time. The foam base manages to take off all the dirt that is deposited on your car leaving it clean and smelling fresh and pleasant. You a 64 ounce can and all you need is one ounce per wash which means this can will last you a long time. Although the formula is perfect for taking off all the dirt on your car effectively, it is gentle on the paint and it manages to preserve the shine that you love so much.


There are a number of car wash soap brands available in the market, however not all of them ensure being gentle on the paint which is why you need to make your pick carefully. Make sure you choose the best car wash soap so your car looks great.

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